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About us

Hi, and welcome on catchynomads!

We are Marius and Anna, a young couple from Romania, with a passion for trips. Here on this blog, we share our travel stories. You will see the places we visited through our eyes and through the lenses of our camera.

We are not professional bloggers, nor skilled photographers, but we do have a passion for trips and we feel so honored to share it with you.

Until little Annia came into our lives, (by the end of 2019, after a long fight with infertility), we just realized there was no better way to live our life than traveling. And so we have come to visit more than 60 countries and the count it has stopped for the moment, but we hope it will continue at some point.

Life is about knowing, about discovering, about taking moments, and making the best of this great journey. With every holiday, you take a step aside from your daily routine, and you rest, you enjoy, you create moments that will become memories. With every trip, you build your own story because life is about all the little journeys that shape your path. And when you travel is like creating a good story.

A good story should make you smile, more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving, it will literally make your heart bigger. Each new place will lead you to a new story that becomes yours, like a picture on a wall, you inhabit it, becomes so familiar as the house you live in. The greatest stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. Because in the end, we’re all stories and it’s about the little journeys that create the big story.

Then we really wanted to show people the side of a country that not everyone gets to see – Romania. That’s how we created Enjoy Romania, that’s why we share the same slogan: Every trip creates a story.